UKtheNuke - A Play by Tony Leliw, 25-02-2018

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25 February, 18:00


UktheNuke is playing at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 28 Flamstead End Road, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, EN8 0HT,


Tickets at the door: £10 adults, £5 (concs);  advance tickets

UktheNuke on a mission

Following the success of his first play ‘You What? He’s Ukrainian ‘, British-Ukrainian journalist/playwright Tony Leliw brings to the stage his second offering, UktheNuke.

UktheNuke continues on the theme of identity, culture and language. But this time also explores the survival of a nation, being bullied by its larger neighbour, which calls for its extinction.

When faced with such challenges, a super hero is needed, from a more advanced planet, particularly when a mythical country called the Uklanders on planet Pisces 3 gives up its nuclear weapons and is then invaded. UktheNuke played by Finnish actor Antti Hakala, makes it his mission to seek justice and defeat the evil Huylanders.

As UktheNuke puts it: “When history repeats itself, it needs to be corrected”.

Years later a boy is named after the super hero and is bullied at school. He goes on a quest to find his father, who left him when he was a child. “Of all the names, why did you call me UktheNuke?” he says angrily. There is a reason, and he will find out.

See the UktheNuke trailer on YouTube here

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