Ukrainian Protest at Downing Street to Stop Russian Escalation of War in Ukraine, 5-02-2017

February 5, 2017 • Campaigns, Past Events • Views: 796


Sunday 5 February 2017, 14:00


10 Downing St, London

On Sunday the 5th of February at 2 pm Ukrainian community and its supporters will hold a demonstration at 10 Downing street because of recent escalation of Russian aggression. Asking the UK Government to increase humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine and step up the sanctions against Russia. The current level of sanctions did not prevent further Russian aggression. Russia for all its crimes against the people of Ukraine, Georgia and Syria deserves the strongest possible sanctions. The very effective step would be to freeze the bank accounts and assets of Russian oligarchs, Putin’s cronies in the UK and switch Russia off from SWIFT until Russia removes completely its troops from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

We ask the UK Government to increase humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine and step up the sanctions against Russia.

A serious attack of Russian troops started on 29 January in Avdiivka, a town on Ukrainian government-controlled territory in the Eastern Ukraine, close to demarcation line and 6km to the north of Donetsk. According to official reports, at least 12 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and dozens wounded since fighting intensified. Media also report that 2 civilians were killed. Heavy shelling with artillery and Grad missiles from Russian -controlled territories also affected residential areas. As a result of the shelling, the town is now cut off from electricity, heating and water.

Since Russia is completely ignoring it’s obligations under the Minsk agreement, the sanctions against Russia can not only be lifted at present, but rather should be intensified. Ukraine also needs humanitarian and military aid from the UK. In 1994 under the Budapest memorandum Ukraine has given up its nuclear arsenal, 3rd largest in the world, in exchange for security guarantees from the US and the UK. Therefore the UK has special responsibility for the fate of this country.

DEC has done in the past Iraq crisis appeal, Syria crisis appeal, Yemen crisis appeal, but for unknown reasons to us there was no such appeal done for Ukraine, the UK governmental help was also quite limited. And that’s despite the fact that Ukraine has over 10,000 killed and over 1.5 million refugees from the Russian occupied areas.

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