Ukrainian Investment Summit: flagship investment event for Ukraine, 9-10 12 2014

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Do not miss the opportunity to attend this year’s Ukrainian Investment Summit which will take place on 9-10 December 2014 at Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London, UK.

Over the course of 8 years Ukrainian Investment Summit firmly established itself as the largest and most high profile investment event for Ukraine globally. The goal of the Summit is to provide the most accurate picture of the direction which Ukraine is now taking by bringing together a wide range of authoritative speakers with a variety of views. Among them, Ukrainian policy-makers, the country’s leading corporates, international investors with significant Ukrainian assets, as well as long-standing country observers and commentators.

Five reasons to attend the summit:

  1. Hear from senior Ukrainian government officials from a variety of key industry sectors.
  1. Speak to global investors and economists and hear their views on the opportunities and risks in Ukraine.
  1. Hear from Ukraine’s most competitive businesses about their development strategies.
  1. Participate in an unprecedented number of interactive discussions and ask the questions that are crucial for your business.
  1. Benefit from a full social programme.

Key topics to be discussed at the Summit include:

  • How to return to growth, reform the public sector and reassure investors: government priorities.
  • Starting anew? Improving the business environment, fighting corruption, increasing transparency.
  • DEBATE Macroeconomic outlook for Ukraine: how soon will we see an upturn?
  • Managing instability: case studies from leading Ukrainian corporate.
  • Rebuilding the economy of the Donbas: reconstruction and kick-starting the local economy
  • Ukraine’s banking sector, its future and role in stimulating the economy.
  • DEBATE of institutional investors: risks, requirements for due diligence, case studies.
  • DEBATE: FTA with the EU: road map, maximising opportunities for business, impact on competitiveness, impact on trade with Russia.
  • DEBATE Focus on infrastructure: roadmap for reform, paving the way for PPP projects.
  • DEBATE Focus on energy: reforming Naftogas, energy security, negotiating new energy prices.

Please visit the Summit website for Agenda, speakers list, documents download and registration form:


Lyudmyla Durneva

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