Ukrainian Folk Dancing, Manchester, 11-10-2014

September 2, 2014 • Cultural, Past Events • Views: 1827

Ukrainian folk dancing group “Orlyk” celebrates its 65th anniversary in Manchester

About Orlyk from their website:

Orlyk is the longest established Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble in the United Kingdom. The ensemble was formed in 1949 by the late Petro Dnistrowyk, a talented and respected choreographer and is name after Pylyp Orlyk a legendary Cossack leader. 

The group is at present led by Mrs Maria Babych, one of Dnistrowyk’s pupils. It is based in Manchester and takes its dancers and musicians from all walks of life, professions and regions. 

Through the high standard of its dance and adherence to folk traditions Orlyk has been granted the title of Representative Folk Dance Ensemble of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. 

Orlyk exhibits to the world the charm and beauty of Ukrainian dances accompanied by the enchanting rhythm and melodies of Ukrainian folk music. The Orlyk dancers, wherever they appeared, have won not only prizes but also the hearts of the public who watch them perform the colourful, lively and graceful dances. 

Throughout its existence, the group has toured around the world and has been universally acclaimed. Amongst its many honours Orlyk has been invited to perform before the Royal Family, Pope John Paul II, Presidents, Ambassadors and many other civic dignitaries. The group also returned to its spiritual home – Ukraine, where it had the honour of celebrating Ukraine’s independence from the former Soviet Union. 

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