Short Films at Ukrainian Cinema Days in London, 13-12-2015

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13 December 2015, 12:15-14:10
Includes a post film Q&A with Kateryna Gornostai, director of ‘Away’ and Vofka Solovéy, director of Once Upon a Mine


RichMix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA


£6 Book your tickets here.


All films are screened in original languages (Ukrainian, Russian) with English subtitles

Once Upon a Mine

Director: Vofka Solovéy. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Genre: Fiction. Run Time: 31 min

Young and misunderstood artist Hena leaves his home in the war-torn Donbas region. Running away to catch a bus he steps on a landmine and now cannot raise his foot …

Away (Viddalik), winner of the National Competition at the 45th IFF ‘Molodist’, Kyiv, Ukraine

Director: Kateryna Gornostai. Genre: Fiction. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Run Time: 11 min

“We will be together until death do us apart,” this is the answer to the question, “Till when?”. How about another question, “How will we be?” When the romance is over, it is time to decide “how.” And “how long,” too. A young couple tries to figure these things out.

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Big Man

Director: Tetyana Kabaieva. Genre: Animation. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Run Time: 4 min

The Big Man once was living, a big soul the Man was keeping…

UA_I Bought a Bicycle_MAIN_small

I Bought a Bicycle

Director: Mykyta Lyskov. Genre: Animation. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Run Time: 2’40 min

Once upon a time I bought a bicycle…

UA_Six Floors_MAIN_small

Six Floors

Director: Oleksandr Navrotsky. Genre: Documentary, black and white. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Run Time: 13 min

A romantic documentary about the everyday life of people living in one big seemingly unattractive building. The film is about the soul, joy, anxiety, and sadness. It is also about search for goodness and beauty, the need to believe, love, and hope.



Director: Tetyana Symon. Genre: Fiction. Country: Ukraine, 2015. Run Time: 16 min

A brother and sister come to clean up the trailer inherited from their father. They have a significant difference in age and usually they rarely see each other. While cleaning, the taboo topics are brought up and a conflict unfolds.

This screening is part of the Ukrainian Cinema Days in London. See full programme here.

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