Ukrainian-born World Famous Artist Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern, until 9-08-2015

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15 April 9 August 2015

Every day: 10.00–18.00


Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG


Adult £16.00 Concession £14.00 Under 12s go free. Book here

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Delaunay is one of the crucial reference points in modern art and design. VOGUE

This show makes a powerful argument for Delaunay as a true radical: ahead of her time, supremely relevant to ours. Ben Luke, Evening Standard

Born into a Jewish family in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1885, Sonia Delaunay had a privileged youth, spent in St Petersburg and Germany, before settling in Paris. One of her first canvases, 1908’s Nu Jaune, depicts a prostitute detached from her boudoir backdrop by a thick, black outline indebted to Gauguin. Her bleached yellow skin set against dark décor, meanwhile, shows a connection with the Fauves.Around this time, Sonia (née Stern) married fellow artist Robert Delaunay…

Together with her husband, she developed a theory called Simultaneism, essentially that of juxtaposing dynamically contrasting colours and shapes for maximum impact. In interviews, she always played down her own work at the expense of Robert’s – though, sadly, Tate has none of his on show, so we can’t say for sure whether she was being duly, or unduly, modest.

Delaunay made much of her Eastern European roots, which – thanks to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes – were then de rigeur. She claimed her deep affinity for colour, moreover, stemmed from the “pure colours” of peasant weddings back in Ukraine. – By Alastair Smart, Telegraph

Like many creative women of her generation, Sonia Terk embraced Modernism as a means of escaping the frills and flounces of a woman’s traditional place. Its many and multiplying strains represented the beginning of the new, the free, the uncharted, and Terk, who seems to have done exactly as she wished from a remarkably young age, took full advantage. – By Lucy Davies, Telegraph

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