Ukrainian Art Exhibition ‘Ukraine’s Myth & Magic’, until 19-12-2014

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The exhibition presents oil and watercolour works exploring contemporary Ukraine – both its traditions, myths, landscapesand city scenes. The paintings are very affordable to allow people to own high quality pieces of Ukrainian art and boost the careers of a new generation of the nation’s best artists.

‘Ukraine’s Myth & Magic is a major art exhibition featuring young Ukrainian painters at the AUGB Gallery in Notting Hill, London introducing work by Natalia Naida and Ivan Ribarchuk to Britain for the first time.

The exhibition celebrates the myths and magic of Ukraine which inspire contemporary artists like Natalia and Ivan to capture both the beauty and unique spirit of their homeland. Their work ranges from floral landscapes to city scenes; from icons to Orthodox churches. Also featured is water-colourist Alina Basetska with her acutely observed traditional Ukrainian village scenes. Selected work by Ruslan Tarasov and Tetyana Fastenko are also on view.

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from 10th to 19th December, from 11am to 7pm daily (excluding 14th December)


AUGB Gallery in Linden Gardens, Notting Hill, London



More info about the artists

As Ukraine fights for its very soul, the nation’s art world is trying to earn recognition for its unique identity. Painter Natalia Naida seems to provide many of the answers: she is the very essence of a modern Ukrainian artist.

Natalia Naida

Her work ranges from icons and intimate psychological portraits to evocative scenes of everyday life and quintessential Orthodox churches. But it was in the simple and spiritual village life that is so important to the Ukrainian psyche that she finds her inspiration. She captures the almost naïve qualities of a child’s vision and imagination in works she describes as ‘memory’. Her devoted pet goats figure in this series of work depicting her childhood, along with her family and images of nature. Many people put their memories down in words; Natalia expresses hers in the language of fine art paintings.

Natalia is one of a long line of talented artists who have emerged from Ukraine’s quiet rural life.

Mythology has been a central theme of Natalia’s work and developed as she grew up. Her mother taught Ukrainian language and literature and passed on a love of her national culture and roots. She was also saturated in folk mythology: “My grandmother was very intelligent and knew so many great fairy tales. She told me so many stories that I have never heard from anyone else. Growing up with these and surrounded by nature has made mythology very important to me in my painting”. Natalia believes such mythology is something we all recognise and is universal in culture. “I love writers who have fairy tales as their native foundations. I love the English writers Charlotte Bronte and Eleanor Farjeon. They are unsurpassed fairy tale creators. They’ve also had a great influence on me.”

The exhibition – ‘Ukraine’s Myth & Magic’ will also include paintings by artists Ivan Ribarchuk. Ivan is known for his lovingly observed Ukrainian city scenes.


Ivan is multi-talented and plays many music instruments as well as being a full time artist. After graduating from Kiev University of Architecture and Construction he went on to obtain a college degree as a sound director and has worked at a record studio in Ukraine. Ivan has also worked as a photographer and a journalist. But painting is his real love in life. He has been painting from early childhood. He says: “I produce new work every day as long as I’ve got the strength and time. I sometimes work from early morning till late night”. Painting, he says, is something eternal, never ending for the good of humankind. Ivan’s grandfather was also an artist.

Information taken from the article ‘Myth And Magic – A True Ukrainian Artist’ by Alla Vetrovcova

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