Ukraine Female Filmmaker Focus, 22-09-2016

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Thursday, 22 Sept 2016, 17:00



1 Canon’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5TX


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Female directors have been equal participants in the budding film process in this country where the industry has emerged after decades of steady decline. The selection presented at Encounters highlights the most diverse of Ukrainian shorts made by women: social drama (Trash, Tenderness), animation (Big Man), comedy (Not Today), experimental (Tribute), and thriller (Mandrake). For some, a first film, for others a step on their way to a first feature – this collection presents a young generation of Ukrainian filmmakers to watch.


Not TodayNot Today-02

Dir: Khrystyna Syvolap
Ukraine 2014
18 mins 45 secs

Elderly couple decide to die happily on one day. But Lyosha has to finish something important. He does desperate things to carry out his secret plan and convince his wife to delay the day of their death.

Fiction, Drama, Comedy

Big ManUA_Big Man-3

Dir: Tetyana Kabaieva
Ukraine 2015
4 mins

The Big Man once was living, A big soul the Man was keeping.



Dir: Tetyana Symon
Ukraine 2015
16 mins

Siblings come to clean up the trailer inherited from father. They have significant difference in age and rarely see each other. While cleaning, taboo subjects come up.

Fiction, Drama


Dir: Anastasiya Maksymchuk
Ukraine 2014
18 mins

A young couple on a quiet morning. She helps him to string a tie, he suggests getting a dog. It seems that death is something that happens only on television and only with bad people.

Fiction, Drama


Dir: Marysia Nikitiuk
Ukraine 2014
27 mins

Warlocks tell Olha, whose husband went missing in eastern Ukraine, that he’s dead. Emotionally destroyed, she doesn’t want to live, and warlocks offer her an infusion of mandrake to make sadness and life go away.

Fiction, Thriller


Dir: Tetyana Voytovych
Ukraine 2014
13 mins

A story of the house my great-grandparents once lived in. With time, it became abandoned and started living its own life.

Fiction, Drama

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