Ukraine Diaries: solo show by Olha Pryymak, 19-25 February 2015

December 23, 2014 • Cultural, MAIDAN, Past Events • Views: 1174

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19-25 February, 2014


Krilova Stelfox Gallery, 23 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ (map)

Olha Pryymak about her diaries:

Since I have moved to East London five years ago, I have painted one small painting nearly each day – a form of a diary and a way to naturalise myself in the new environment. Dealing with the drama of recent events back home in Ukraine has seeped through into my recent work.unnamed (1)

The representations of news flashes layered with the daily going-ons back in London weaved a narrative surrounding the dates noteworthy of escalating violence and death which formed a visual narrative in oil paint.

The point of view in the series is kept personal, following an internal dialog.Every small painting in the group presents a moment of a broader story and a sequence of groups constitute a more cinematographic narrative of the events in the past year.

Reading through the Anais Nin diaries she kept during the WWII I have come across an effortless intermix of daily concerns of creativity, love and mentions on the progress of the war. It resonated with my own efforts to pin down the social and personal change.unnamed (3)

Using paint for layering these personal and collective memories I am attempting to connect the two into a larger identity transformation narrative. Also, the bits of personal and the news create a kind of tension to reflect on.

The forgotten memories are resurrected through painting, evoking a certain meaning and memory from one’s mind. Within this new emotional context the viewer thus is able to meditate on the recent historic memory in a new way.

The show was opened on 19 February with a panel discussion. See photo report from the opening here.


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