Uilleam Blacker Talk on Postwar L’viv, Kaliningrad and Wrocław, 29-10-2015

October 13, 2015 • Educational, Past Events • Views: 636


Thursday 29 October 2015, 17:3019:00


Umney Theatre in Robinson College, Grange Road
Cambridge, CB3 9AN, UK



University of Cambridge, Department of Slavonic Studies & CamCREES present:

Uilleam Blacker (UCL SSEES) will present his talk on “Postwar L’viv, Kaliningrad, Wrocław” for “A Sense of Place” series of lectures.

This public lecture series explores the lived environment of East Europe, Russia and Eurasia through the lens of sensory awareness and human emotion. It examines the sounds and textures, scents and sights that produce a ‘sense of place’—that is, the practices, perceptions and emotions that shape the deeply felt character of a site. 

Focusing on key areas of contemporary and historic East European, Russian and Eurasian lands, and engaging a wide range of sources, the talks in this series will consider how setting, language, imagery, perceptions and emotions interact to shape and condition a sense of place. Talks will illustrate how changing ideas regarding the senses transform places and attitudes towards them. 

The lecture series aims to further the understanding of East European, Russian and Eurasian culture and history through sensory experience—and so enliven our perception of these places

For more information please contact the department at slavon@hermes.cam.ac.uk .


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