Photowalk  with Ukrainian Photographer Alina Kisina, 19-10-2014

October 8, 2014 • Educational, Past Events • Views: 1877


19 October 2014, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Chisenhale Studios and the surrounding area. Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, E3 5QZ.


£10 Booking essential at


In October you have an exceptional opportunity to join this cityscape photographer for a unique photo-walk exploring the East End from a different perspective. Designed especially for Photomonth, the 1.5 hour walk will explore the city’s reflected image and will be followed by a return to the studio to share, edit and print your favourite images.

Alina Kisina, a contemporary young Ukrainian photographer was born in Kiev, Ukraine. When she was 19 she moved to the UK and now lives and works in London.

Her most recent exhibition, ‘City of Home’, was held at the Light House in January 2013 and featured a new selection of images from a series of trips to Kiev. A lot of her other exhibitions were held in Scotland and around the world:

    • 2012    City of Home: New work commissioned by Light House Media Centre, England (solo)
    • 2012    City of Home, Aleppo International Photography Festival, Syria
    • 2012    City of Home, Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore
    • 2011     From City of Home, Format Festival, Derby, England
    • 2011     City of Home, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, Scotland (solo)
    • 2009     From Kolya and Others, SSA Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dundee, Scotland
    • 2009     From City of Home, Royal Scottish Academy Spring Exhibition, Edinburgh, Scotland
    • 2008     Zerkalo|Mirror, Scotland-Russia Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland (solo)
    • 2008     From City of Home, SSA Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland
    • 2006     From Inner Space, Glasgow Group Annual Exhibition, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland
    • 2005     Inner Space: Crossing the Border; Window. Amber Arts Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (solo)

“…You know how in every society there is a set of rules that tell you what to do and how to do it and you live your life by these rules? I went abroad, first to Germany and then to the UK, and realised that those rules were just in my head, and you can be anybody, that I can be anybody. (And I decided to be a photographer!) This kind of thinking and questioning “what if?” are still at the core of what I do.” – Alina on the interview to Light House



“…The most striking aspect of her art is its bold use of reflections. These juxtapose different levels of reality in a way that confounds our notions of up and down, in and out, fore and back. But her aim is not simply to confuse us. Rather, the overlapping planes of reality draw us dynamically into her photos to produce a sensation of depth suggesting another, more profound dimension beyond the mere givens of the picture.”- Miranda Gavin (photography blogger)

“…Whilst there is a longing in the images, Kisina is too young to be nostalgic. She is an image-maker embarking on her artistic journey, wide awake to her task and too driven to dwell on distances to lose sight of the road ahead. These photographs, which glow and pulsate, help plot the way.” – Malcolm Dickson, Director of Street Level Photoworks , Glasgow

“…Kisina has developed a half-abstract, half-representational photographic style that brings out the spirituality of the mundane objects and situations she photographs using dynamic formal means that are no longer compatible with postmodern irony…” Raoul Eshelman (Munich)

From Performatism in Contemporary Photography: Alina Kisina (Series “New Critical Approaches”).



2009 Rhubarb-Rhubarb Bursary, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, winner

2008 John Connor Award for Positive Impact, Edinburgh, winner

2006 Benno Schotz Prize for Creativity and Innovation, Glasgow, winner

2005 London Photographic Awards, All Along the Watch Tower, series, finalist

2005 Barnardos, The Face of Multicultural Britain Today, London, winner

Besides of that she is also patron of the Kiev special school of arts for children with impaired vision

More Info

Alina Kisina official website

07919 234 997




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