Photo Exhibition: Faces of War, the Human Factor, 14-15 November 2015

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faces of war


14th – 15th November 2015

Exhibition Opening Hours:

Saturday, 14 November, 18.00 – 21.00; Sunday 11.00 – 19.00


154 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UH


£ 5.00 Students £ 3.50 Discount for group booking of 5 is 10 %

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All proceeds from the exhibition will go towards Ukraine Aid’s current project focusing on more efficient treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) amongst both the military and civilian population.

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Photography Exhibition FACES OF WAR: THE HUMAN FACTOR presented by Ukraine Aid

“If I could walk, I would go to war again. Since who else is there but me to defend my country…?” Oleksiy Sokolovsky, 2 battalion, 93 brigade, Ukraine.

The “Faces of War” exhibition will open its doors to visitors at the Ukrainian Social Club in London on 14th-15th November 2015. It uncovers complex issues surrounding the conflict in the East of Ukraine and portrays the wounded soldiers and the civilians – both groups terrorised by the ruthless power of war and scarred for the rest of their lives.

Ukraine has captivated the world’s imagination since it began its Revolution of Dignity in 2014, not least by its brave determination to break free from corruption and form a closer association with Europe. The unfolding humanitarian catastrophe that followed has underlined the fragility of peace even at a time, when a lot of us think that a war in Europe is a thing of the past and a subject-matter for historians to analyse. The current exhibition reveals the relevance of this problem to a UK audience and reinforces the fact that the on-going armed conflict in Ukraine is bringing devastation to modern Europe.


Ben Robinson. British freelance photographer Ben Robinson has spent over 15 years working in Ukraine at the Centre for Leadership Development and Kiev Business School since 1995. In May 2015, he returned to Zaporizhya, Berdyansk and Mariupol in the south-eastern Ukraine, affected by the recent fighting. The purpose of his visit was to debunk disinformation that is prevalent in some of the British media. Ben believes that “the public in the UK loses sight of the situation in Ukraine”, however, “this remains a critical moment and has a significant impact for all of Europe and beyond, even when the news slips out of sight.”

“I hope my photos help give a face to the dislocation and trauma suffered by so many.  This is not a civil war, but a crisis instigated by those outside who want division and chaos to win.” Ben Robinson

Diana Mess. Diana is one of many British Ukrainians who was deeply moved and inspired by her country’s struggle for independence. After travelling to Ukraine’s capital and visiting soldiers at Kyiv military hospital in spring 2015, she became a loud voice for their agony and hope.

“As Ukraine’s hospitals overflow with the wounded who spend months seeking help for phantom pains and trauma, the big question is – what should be done to help them to rebuild their lives?” Diana Mess

This project is supported by the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (London Branch), and Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK.


Logo Ukraine Aid_smallUkraine Aid is a UK registered charitable organisation(No 9364712) initiated by a group of UK based Ukrainians supporting the victims of the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine


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