No Mistrals for Putin London protest, 7-09-2014

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no mistrals

no mistrals

Next worldwide protest: 07th of September.


Let’s stand together against France delivering war ships to Putin’s Russia!

On the 07th of September a London meeting will be conducted as a part of a Global Rally in front of French Embassy in order to denounce the military alliance between France and Russia and to prevent France from selling Mistral ships to Russia.

We will request that Mr. Hollande should not deliver the Mistral invasion vessels to Russia, look for alternative solutions, and cancel the training of 400 Russian sailors by the French Navy. This protest will be part of a larger group of protests that have been held around the world for several weeks to denounce this contract, and which expresses the deep concern of the international community regarding this shameful collaboration ignoring the founding values of the French Republic.

The reasons invoked by France in order to not cancel the contract are not convincing at all, and will be detailed and explained during the protest.

One more time, we will say “no!” to the delivery of the Mistral Vladivostok, and to the completion of the Mistral Sebastopol.

We will say “no!” to the training of 400 Russian sailors by the French Navy. We will say “no!” the delivery of these vessels, as they would implicitly acknowledge the annexation of Crimea by Russia, even though Russia broke several major international treaties that it signed and on which peace in Europe and in the world depends.

We will say “no!” to the delivery of these ships, as they will reinforce Putin’s ability to destabilize the region. Putin, after Transnistria and Georgia, is now sending his tanks, special forces, weapons, and mercenaries to Ukraine in order to tear apart this peaceful and sovereign country. He does not hesitate to terrorize local populations, to use insane propaganda, to usurp the power of local authorities, to kidnap, torture, and kill those who oppose his bloodthirsty and imperialistic plans. We refuse this shameful alliance for France, and we will protest against this sale that will put in great danger our allies and partners, that are Ukraine and other countries neighboring Russia.

We will propose alternative solutions in order to preserve French jobs and naval industry, French dignity, the right of people for self-determination, and peace in the world.

Press release

The Mistral deal explained A collection of anti Mistral videos here


07th Septemner 15.00 (TBC)


58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JT

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