Film about Ukrainian Revolution: Euromaidan (rough cut), 25-05-2015

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25 May 2015, 20.30


Clapham Picture House, 76 Venn St, London SW4 0AT


£11.60. Book here

VARIOUS / 2014 / UKRAINE / 60″

How can you film the revolution? The Kyiv based Docudays UA festival commissioned this miniature omnibus in the middle of the uprising last winter. Six young Ukrainian filmmakers, just beginners, for whom shooting those events went far beyond their professional interest, found that letting others feel and see the revolution through their eyes became their way of dealing with the situation. Throughout you feel the filmmakers’ burning passion alongside their willingness to observe without judgement. The result: a unique and stunning chronicle of the Ukrainian protests and an object lesson in political film.

Screening with

This Place We Call Our Home
Dir. Thora Lorentzen, &  Sybilla Marie Tuxen,
Denmark 2014, 30″

Dusk sets the scene for a war that came unexpectedly. The soldier smokes his last cigarette in the window before taking the elevator to certain death. A mother prays for the sons of Ukraine. A babushka at Maidan sings: “If he meets death – may it be instant”.  In this film war is an atmosphere. Through music we visit all layers of society. We show how it feels when your country is in an unwinnable conflict.

Tove & Sylvia Filmkompagni, Denmark

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