Contemporary Ukrainian artist TAZ at Exhibition: ‘Bells from the Deep’, until 26 July

July 8, 2015 • Cultural, Past Events • Views: 733


2 – 26 July 2015


Hundred Years Gallery , 13 Pearson St. London E2 8JD




Hundred Years Gallery  opens its space to over sixty artists of all ages, those who may have never had the opportunity of exhibiting their work, those who perhaps never dare to show them in public, and those who just want to feel free of judgement from arts panels. Exhibition includes 3 works by Ukrainian artist TAZ.

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3-Prince-by-TAZ-Happenstance-Art-Framing.-35x50cm-ink-on-paper.-Drawing.-HD-211x300TAZ is a contemporary Ukrainian artist. Born in Ternopil (western Ukraine). He spent smaller part of his unconscious childhood and all his conscious life drawing. Having finished secondary school in 2006 he surprised himself by entering the department of Fine and Decorative Art at the Art Academy in Ternopil. In the same year he and his friends – street artists Volt and HNMR arranged a graffiti art show at Ternopil Art Museum which was very successful. Later he took part in numerous art festivals. In 2011 (the final year of his studies) he was kicked out of the Academy, because of his own strong views which didn’t go with those of academicians. Now having carefully hidden his BA certificate in a drawer he’s trying to earn money by his art.

About Art Work

After various experiments in different techniques (graffiti, comics, street art, fine  painting etc.) TAZ  has stopped his choice on graphics. His characters, created by his imagination and very often having bird heads, attract great attention among art lovers. The genre he’s working in now is called by art critics – fantastic art.

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