Community Commemoration of Holodomor, 26-11-2016

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Saturday, 26th November 2016, 14:30


Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration, 1a Newton Avenue, Acton, London, W3 8AJ
The Ukrainian genocide of 1932-1933 killed an estimated 5 to 7 million Ukrainians. During the Holodomor millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in a peace time catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine.
In his 1953 speech the father of the UN Genocide Convention Dr.Raphael Lemkin described the Holodomor as a destruction of the Ukrainian nation and an example of Genocide. Ukraine officially commemorates Holodomor day on the fourth Saturday of November. Remember the millions of victims….
It is likely that the MP for Ealing and the Major of Ealing will participate.

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