Bloom Twins: headliner of Autumn Shift at Standon Calling, 1-08-2015

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Standon Calling (1)


1 August, 2015, 11 pm


Standon Lordship is near the village of Standon, just off the A10 approximately 30 miles north of London. The site’s postcode is SG11 1EE.


from £45.00. Book here 


Bloom Twins are a pop music group made up of twin sisters Anna and Sonia Kuprienko. They refer to the style of their music as “dark pop.”

Growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev, this remarkably gifted pair were immersed in music before escaping its confines, fiercely determined to head into the outside world and make an impression. They moved to London to improve their art and the culture they found shocked them. Coming from such a different background, one would fear that they might become enchanted by the big city life, but instead they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and grew more and more committed to each other and their music.

Listen to more of their tracks, including patriotic song “Get Up Stand Up: We Are Ukrainians” here.

Autumn Shift is back at Standon Calling festival & this year we’re in a supernatural gothic corner of the Town of Two Faces hanging out in Dr. Jekyll’s Hideout and when midnight falls retreating into Dr. Franken’s Mine. This year we’ve got a ‘best-of’ line up featuring some of our favourite acts of the past 5 years as well as some excellent new additions. Swing Patrol will also be on hand to teach you to dance, as if you didn’t already know how! Join us at the best small festival going. It’s only 40 minutes north of London and it has a pool! 

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