1917-1921 - Ukrainian Revolution: Lessons from the Past, 22-03-2017

March 12, 2017 • Educational, Upcoming events • Views: 572

In collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine, an exhibition of archival documents and photographs marking the centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution will be held at AUGB’s Central Office. It will run from 22 March to 30 May. Group viewings at weekends by prior appointment.

A 36 page bilingual colour catalogue (incl. cover) will be available for purchase – price £10 incl. p&p – once the exhibition opens. It features articles on the three phases of Ukraine’s history during the 1917-21 period drawing on the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation, the rebirth of national awareness of Ukrainian statehood, and the declaration of Ukraine’s independence. The catalogue also contains images of a wide range of key photos and documents from the exhibition. Orders can be placed over the phone (0207 2298392) or email events@augb.co.uk


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