12 Ukrainian Short films in London, 24 – 25 May 2015

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24-25 May 2015, 7.15 pm


ArtFix London, 25 Peter Street, London


£4.00. Book here

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Join us for TWO nights of freaking great Ukrainian short films.

It’s about time the world knew about the Ukrainian film industry and the great talents it encompasses. Enough with all the bad news we’ve all heard about in the past two years, it is time to celebrate these filmmakers’ exceptional works!

This event has been organised in collaboration with CUC – Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema, a collective of young Ukrainian filmmakers, who want to change their country’s film industry for the best and support emerging artists.
I would also like to thank NosphereFilms and Directory Films – two Ukrainian production houses – for their help and excitement.

Programmer: Silvio Barca




Malanka – Chervonyj Sobaka (2008, 3′)
A short animation music video for one of Ukraine’s most iconic folk-rock bands’ songs – Haydamaky.

Eskimo – Mariia Ponomarova (2012, 13′)
A train in rural Ukraine, a bossy woman and a frustrated pianist. It only takes an ice-cream to set everyone free.

Seni Sevem – Nariman Aliev (2014, 16′)
When he says to her, “Men seni sevem,” she doesn’t understand him. When he says to his father, “I love her,” the father does not hear him.

Weight – Yuriy Shulov (2015, 11′)
A man lies on the grass in the courtyard unveiling a lot of strange dialogues from other people.

The Way
The Way – Maxim Ksjonda (2012, 21′)
A clique of teenagers have fun a in a peculiar way: they fasten a wheelchair to a truck, without the driver being aware of it and a chosen one tries and go as far as her can. Today is Micha’s turn.

Say Popcorn – Valeria Kalchenko (2015, 15′)
What if Rocky Balboa was a Polish girl with a speech impediment and only 152 cm tall, who dreams to become a student at the theatrical university of Kyiv? Meet Veronica Kleschnia, she’ll show you how to become successful.


Departure – Maxim Ksjonda (2013, 6′)
An entertaining animation work about the life of a lightbulb.

The First Step in the Clouds – Alina Gorlova (2012, 15′)
Three men have fun watching and scaring couples, who go to the nearby forest to have an intimate moment. This time around their old trick will trigger an intense discussion between themselves.

Tenderness – Anastasiya Maksymchuk (2014, 18′)
A couple. A house in the Ukrainian countryside. A pregnant wife. A job interview in the city. Till something hits and changes their lives forever.

Analgesia – Valeria Sochyvets (2014, 16′)
A doctor has to go with his patient to the mountains. A trip that he will never forget.

Legacy – Michael Masloboishchykov (2013, 21′)
Vania, his Mother and Sister move into an old flat, which they receive as a part of their legacy. Some things will vanish from the flat forever, however something permanent will emerge. Home alone, Vania will meet his Grandfather for the first time.

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